Apple pie



Outstanding. Used Granny Smith apples – got rave reviews from all folks at the campground. I didn’t have nutmeg and forgot to add the butter – oh well. Still awesome taste and texture the next day. Definitely a keeper to make again with homemade vanilla ice cream. Yummy.

Second time making. first time too much liquid. i used my canned apples. drained all juice. put extra cinnamon. excellent. Will continue using this simple recipe.

Way too much ginger and nutmeg in this recipe. I even had more apples than called for and it was overpowering. Cut back the cinnamon, and just add a pinch of the ginger and nutmeg. Let the apples be the hero.

I think the recipe is delicious. I noticed some of you found it soupy. Not that I am an expert but I think some apples have more juice in them then others. Maybe if you are using an extra juicy apple you will have to add a little more flour. Just a suggestion.

I have been baking this recipe for love and years to experiment with a combination of different apples when available here in Namibia. The only time I have been disappointed is when I did not bake it long enough. Before removing from the oven, now I always check for the clear syrup to bubble out of the vent. Great Flavor and very easy to make.

This apple pie is has amazing flavor. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the fact it turned out a little soupy and the apples stayed really firm however because it tasted so good everyone loved it. Next time I make it I’m going to try cooking the apple mixture a little before putting it into pie shell to try to thicken it up a bit and soften apples a little. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

Hos TL make the pie Crust at home

I left am earlier review and forgot to add that I halved the brown and white sugar. My family and I have health issues so I had to tone the sugar down but it was soooooo good! Thanks for sharing

Very easy to make. Thank you

BEST apple pie i have ever tasted. just the right combination of ingredients. i followed the recipe exactly as it was written and it was really excellent. Everyone i shared the pie with agreed, it was the BEST.. i loved the story about your granny. that was just the best. i will forever think of her everytime i make this pie – which will be often.

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