Paleo recipes

Do you ever get a craving for crispy, crunchy fish sticks? This is going to become your go-to recipe when that craving hits.

Your traditional battered fish recipe usually utilizes gluten-filled flours, beer, and junky oils. Our recipe knocks that stuff off the list and sticks to all Paleo ingredients ā€“ tapioca starch, coconut flour, olive oil, and our secret ingredient ā€“ sparkling water!

My favorite way to eat this meal is with a ton of veggies on the side. I love roasting broccoli in the oven or sauting green beans in a skillet with some bacon. Add in some roasted sweet potatoes and sliced avocado and you have a full-blown meal without too much work at all.

Tell me ā€“ how do you like to build out your meals? What are your favorite veggies to pair with fish? Iā€™m always taking ideas and suggestions to broaden my dinner horizons!

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