Pancake recipe



best ever pancake I’ve made! I used chocolate milk, it’s fluffy and delicious.

I added a tsp of vanilla and blueberries and these were excellent! My kids gobbled them up!

sure to cook on low heat otherwise pancakes come out tasteless and burnt, other than that, great recipe!

I thought these pancakes were great. Tips: Make sure all your liquid/wet ingredients are at room temperature. I microwaved the milk to warm it up so that the melted butter wouldn’t solidify once it was added to cold milk. I soaked them in hot water to bring them to room temperature then very lightly scrambled them before combining with the milk and butter, for the eggs. Before mixing in the wet ingredients, Sift the dry ingredients. Mix until combined but be careful not to overmix.

This was a great simple recipe but like others I did have to improvise a bit. The batter was super thick so I added about a halfcup additional milk. And I added an extra tablespoon sugar since I am American and finally a but if vanilla. Just improved it enough to make it wonderful

These are the best pancakes I have ever had. If you use a measuring cup to put it on a pan it is really worth it for the fluffiness you maintain, although the batter is thick. I found this recipe a few months back and have been making it every Sunday and sometimes Saturday too!

tasted fantastic! I smothered mine in Easter-dinner leftover turkey, and i and gravy now understand why “chicken and waffles” is so popular in the States. Great 4/20 recipe for sure!

Horrible in every aspect possible. I thought I’d try a new recipe for pancakes that were a bit fluffier but the batter was absolutely worthless.

This is a great simple recipe. We did double it, feeding 3 teens and a toddler, plus mom and dad..this was the perfect amount, although we made it exactly as written. Batter was perfect and they cooked up light and fluffy. If you are looking for a easy basic good recipe, look no further!

These pancakes were so terrible. They had absolutely no flavor even with me adding vanilla extract. The texture was fine but they tasted like nothing.

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