Peanut butter fudge



Test Kitchen Tips

  • Drizzle individual fudge squares with melted chocolate to add some easy holiday glam.
  • We tasted six popular kinds of chunky peanut butter. Here’s the brand we like best.

    My family thoroughly enjoyed this FUDGE. Sounds like “Dick” is the food police – We can only call this recipe what he wants it to be called and we can only use the method and ingredients he uses. Pompous?

    This is a favorite in our house and easy to make. I add melted chocolate across the top for an added kick.

    First and foremost fudge is made by cooking cream and sugar or milk to appropriate temp and then adding flavoring. This recipe is just a peanut butter flavored marshmallow cream. True fudge does not need to be refrigerated. If you can’t make it don’t substitute something else and call it fudge, yes I have been making “fudge” for 40 years and. Sorry, but this doesn’t come close to true fudge.

    Super, easy, super creamy and so delicious. Makes terrific Instant Gifts. It also freezes very well. Nice clean cuts into perfect bite sized squares. I used crunchy Peanut Butter for that extra little Peanut Butter Taste. VFE

    Super tasty and easy! Best fudge recipe I’ve found!

    Soooo good! Clear, easy recipe, no changes, came out great!

    This is the easiest recipe ever! Turned out perfectly and I stirred and stirred continuously. That’s the key to keeping the mixture from burning. Used real butter to coat the pan to give it a rich buttery taste. Saved and treasured! !

    When I first discovered this recipe in your magazine years ago, I gave it a try because it sounded so easy. and it was! It was exactly like the peanut butter fudge they used to serve in the school kitchen when I was little. Soooooo good! At Debbie on Nov 3, 2018. The butter is used to grease the pan in step 1. At Susan11160 on Apr 24, 2018. Maybe you should give the recipe a try before giving it such a poor rating. The marshmallow fluff gives the fudge a soft, slightly fluffy texture and is not at all gross. I’m not fond ofthick and dense, hard fudge. This definitely is NOT thick and dense or hard. it’s soft and nicesoft and fluffy.

    I read this recipe over and over where is the BUTTER? ? You have directions on everything but the BUTTER

    This is perfect. My son in law finishes the entire recipe in 2 days every time I make it! So, easy too.

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