Pumpkin cheesecake



I have made this several times and it’s delicious. I use crushed gingerbread cookies instead of graham crackers for the crust. Definitely add the sour cream topping. It helps balance out the sweetness of the cheesecake.

Made this many times and it’s always good. Don’t skip the sour cream topping! I love this cheesecake, even though

I don’t care for pumpkin! !

Delicious ! I made it twice. First, time was excellent. Second time tasted great but didn’t stay together very well. I take one star off, even though might e my mistake.

I loved this recipe a lot of people said to not use the sour cream part and I decided to do it anyway because it was my first time making it. Instead of doing it the way they told you too. I did 2 cups of sour cream about 4 tablespoons of.sugar and 2 teaspoons of vanilla. It made all the difference. You can also play with the flavors of the actual cheesecake part and make it thicker by adding more cream cheese.

This was a very easy cheesecake to prepare. I made it in a smaller springform pan to make it a little thicker and it turned out excellent. Definitely plan to make it again.

Flavor is excellent. This cheesecake may really appeal to those who like a thinner cheesecake, though i prefer a thicker cheesecake layer. I drizzled each slice with some maple syrup – very good!

Flavor was excellent. I would have preferred a thicker cheesecake layer, but this may be a good cheesecake for those who prefer a thinner layer.

Ever since I first made this delicious cheesecake for Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago, my family and friends request it often. It is also our new Thanksgiving tradition : ) Thanks for such a wonderful recipe.

I make this every year for Christmas and Thanksgiving and I always have to make 2 because everyone loves it!

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