Rhubarb pie



I made this the first time for my O.W.L.S. group at church. It was the BEST! Many many compliments on the pie and one order for two for a birthday gift for someone that kept saying how good it was to his daughter.

Pie was delicious! Only didn’t rate stars because i changed it a bit so stars wouldn’t be fair for the orig. recipe. Doubled the amount of rhubarb as the 4 cups made for a very skimpy filling rather than doubling the sugar for the extra rhubarb, reduced it slightly to 2.5 cups increased the tapioca to 1.5 tbsps. because I dislike a runny pie and used a crumb topping instead of pastry. Turned out fantastic and will make again!

I bake a lot of pies including all the pies for the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had rhubarb in my garden, in plenty, for the first time this year and wanted to bake a special birthday pie for my husband’s birthday dinner. This recipe is awesome! So, flavorful it will now become a new holiday pie for the family this year. That was all I changed, although i did add a little more rhubarb. Excellent! Brilliant! Thank you for a great recipe.

I made this recipe, followed it perfectly, I took it to Missouri for my Mother in law. she said it tasted just like her Momma’s Rhubarb pie, I even used Grandma Tilly’s vinegar pie crust recipe for it, perfect pie, I will use it over and over

Thanks so much matteliz

Delicious, simple. I used King Arthur’s Pie Enhancer instead of theflour and tapioca, & egg, and it worked well. In the future I would increase the amount of rhubarb, since it makes for a rather scanty filling. My family enjoyed this pie, all the way down to the 1-year-old!

I have never eaten rhubarb pie before, much less made one, so I thought this would be a good one to try since it is “perfect”. Wow! I loved it! I will be making this one over again! It was so delicious! I must admit I am partial to fruit pie recipes that use tapioca pudding. This one was exactly as it was named: perfect! !

I have many rhubarb pie recipes and I found this one to be one of my favorites. Many times mine have been running and this one was not. Not too sweet. just a great recipe.. will use this one again , though it was sweet.

This really is the perfect balance of sweet and tart for our taste, and was also the perfect balance of fruit and sauce. There was a bit of sauce but wasn’t runny. I’m throwing out my old plan and recipe to use this one from now on!

I find the filling is too much to fit into any of my 9″ pie plates but was the perfect amount for my 10″ Pyrex pie plates.

The taste was great, for rhubarb soup. Hugh puddle of juice-the bottom 2/3 of the pie was submerged! . 1 teaspoon of tapioca, 3 tablespoons of flour, and 1 egg? No way this comes out as dry looking as the picture!

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