Salmon patties



this was a quick, easy recipe, we loved it debpenningtonVFE

I made this as written and found it to be a bit salty, but that may have been the brand of canned salmon I used. Adding bell peppers sounds amazing.

I made these for lunch. I left out the Worcestershire sauce. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing this recipe.

I just made these salmon cakes and they came out delicious. I did make one swap for the saltines with about 7 tablespoons of homemade breadcrumbs from stale french bread.

I just made these for my husband. I’m not a fan of fish but he loved them! I followed the recipe as written but used a few shakes of dried onion instead of the 1/3 cup onion. They are delicate to put in the pan but once one side is browned and gently flipped, they hold together just fine. It made 5 patties and he ate 3 for supper and would’ve eaten all 5 but I told him he’d have no lunch tomorrow if he didn’t stop! Will definitely make again. for him! : )

This recipe is delicious. I made only a few changes. Like another reviewer I doubled the Worcestershire sauce and the crackers. I used olive oil to fry the patties. Also, I used red salmon from Alaska. They were delicious. I highly recommend this recipe.Volunteer Field Editor

These are very good! I tripled the Worcestershire sauce and added a bit more crackers. It made it perfect. Do not discard skin and bones, leave them in. I used olive oil to fry. Next time I will use bacon grease too! Make sure to put together in a ball in your hand and softy pat out in skillet. Make sure they have a nice brown crust before gently browning and turning other side. They will stay together that way. I give them a full 5 stars! Another recipe I make has 1/2 cup of flour in the recipe (which holds it together) but I like this recipe without the flour. The flavor is better. It’s challenging without using flour but possible to do. 2/4/17 I used green onions and the Worcestershire sauce to taste (did not measure). Measured everything else precisely. I like the green onions even better.

Checked to see if I put everything in Yup I did, Thank you

these were pretty good will make again

There are a few recipes never to stray from this should be one of them. I found this recipe to be very wet and not at all what I would have expected, I think I will stick to my own recipe.

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