Soup recipes

Make a comforting bowl of soup for your kids with our tasty, child-friendly recipes. These will become family favourites and have everyone wanting seconds.

Soup makes the ideal family lunch or supper a, cheap and healthy great way of sneaking in all types of hidden veg. Children tend to love a bit of dipping or mixing, so try serving with buttered toast, homemade bread or savoury scones. Little pots of grated cheese, croutons or plain yogurt for stirring will also help add a sense of occasion to the meal. Let small hands help themselves.

Jazz up a bowl of tomato soup with some vibrant red peppers and creamy ricotta for a simply healthy and scrumptious comfort food dish to nourish your kids.

If you need a quick family meal on a busy weeknight, look no further than our comforting creamy chicken & sweetcorn soup that kids are sure to love. If you make the chicken base ahead for this freeze and recipe it, the soup can then be whipped up in just 20 minutes by adding a few extra ingredients.

For any little vegetarians, this super-smooth roasted sweet potato & carrot soup is the perfect option for a warming lunch or midweek dinner. Using only a few ingredients, this simple dish is great for fussy eaters and delivers two of their five-a-day!

Probably the best thing you could do with a pack of supermarket tortellini. This filling soup is full of fibre, low fat and full of veg. It’s on the table in half an hour and mainly uses store cupboard ingredients so perfect to rustle up as a last minute supper.

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Classic creamy tomato soup is normally a hit with everyone from toddlers to teens. Add easy and speedy tear-and-share cheesy bread and little ones are bound to get involved in lots of dipping fun.

If you need to feed the children fast then this easy noodle soup is speedy, healthy and satisfying to boot. Frankly we think it’s an all-round winner.

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This budget-friendly creamy fish soup with potatoes and corn is perfect for warming up small bellies. extra, Wholesome and comforting delicious, with the homemade garlic bread it is hard not to be won over.

Kids love this rich, warming soup but it’s sophisticated enough for adults too, so it makes a great family meal. What’s more, it’s freezable so try making double and stocking up your freezer. For a real treat serve with crispy bacon sandwiches. Tastes even better after a long, wintry walk.

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Even if your child is not a big cauliflower fan. it is well worth giving this soup ago as this creamy creation has been known to turn the most fervent haters around. If you’re having friends round, a batch of this will serve four adults and four kids, so a good choice.

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What’s your child’s favourite soup? Leave a comment below.

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