Taco seasoning

Ok ok, I know that I’ve been a little taco-obsessed last week. But I can’t help myself. Scratch that, I don’t want to help myself.

And I especially love good homemade taco recipes, especially when they’re made with my favorite homemade taco seasoning recipe. So last week when I was making my Skinny Slow Cooker Taco Soup recipe, I decided to whip up a fresh batch and snap a few photos to share with you.

But why make taco seasoning mix homemade? Well, first of all I’m pretty bad at keeping seasoning mixes on hand, so I often end up improvising them anyway so as not to overflow my spice cabinet. But lots of store-bought taco seasoning mixes are full of preservatives, artificial colors, flour (making them not gluten-free), and may be more or less spicy than you’d like. So to avoid all of those things and customize your perfect flavor combos, I highly recommend making homemade taco seasoning! It’scheap and easy, and perfect for helping feed your taco obsession love. And it’s also perfect for gifting to your taco-loving friends.

So open your spice cabinet and make a batch with me!

As I said, I’m a big fan of customizing your taco seasoning mix to your preferences. So if any of these ingredients don’t float your boat (or if you’re missing one), hakuna matata. Just make a small batch and see what you think, and then adjust any of the spices to taste for your next batch. The ingredients you’ll need are listed above: chilipowder and cumin, garlic powder, paprika, oregano, onion powder, salt, black pepper and crushed red pepper.

All you literally need to do is stir or whisk them all together, and then use the mix or store it in an airtight container. I like storing mine in these cute Weck tulip jars, but any airtight container will work. Feel free to also:

Bottom line — just make some. : )

It’s great in soups, mixed into dips, sprinkled on meat or veggies, mixed into sauces, and of course — on tacos. Enjoy!

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